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Don't Mention That Again or Else~!!
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 | 09:12 | 0 army(s)

Hye the readers!! B4 all of u read this post, i would like to...
say sorry becoz this post will content many harsh words. so, if u don't want to read it u may stop reading and close now..
Actually I'm very disappointed and mad with the my lecturer behavior. why??!?? becoz they always said "sorry,class today was cancelled becoz of technical problems." Argh!!! Damn!!! I hate that words!! All of u can get lose ah!!! if u don't want to teach us, just let us know. we can understand and report to the other lecturer which can replace u. Not only that, u also may resign and stop working here and stay at home. eating, watching television and sleep! u stupid bitch!!!! ARGH!!!! ok!! i know all of u will say that i'm crazy and not thankful person. but!!! can all of u imagine what i'm going to write or answer my final exam if the lecturer always cancelled the class bcoz of unacceptable reasons?? what are u going to answer in final exam? we stuck at chapter 3 almost 1 month bcoz our lecturer didn't enter the class. Argh!!! Not only that, another person(lecturer) really pissed me off!! Damn u little bitch!!! Go die ah!!!ARGHHHHhhhHHHH!!!!! If I can do anything in this world, I will stabbed her several times before throw her in the washing machine then throw her at the sea. why?? I want all shark to eat her. ARGH!!!! I think thats all i wanna say today. I need to stop now b4 i say more harsh words. ok! Byep!!

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